Mardatonne Premium

Mardatonne, evolved.

But hey! What are the benefits?!

A cool role

Every single donator gets a donator role in our official server! Cool, huh?

A place in our heart

We love our donators! We'll do our best to give a warm place in our heart to you!

Prioritized suggestions

We prioritize our donators' suggestions when compared to regular users. YAY!

Early access to new features

You will have access to new commands before anyone! How cool!

A better Mardatonne

Your donations will help us motivate ourselves! We'll make Mardatonne better than ever!

Private donators chat

Every donator gets access to a secret donators chat! Lovely!

A global badge

Every donator also gets a global donator badge that will be visible when he gets mentioned in the userinfo command.

Want to apply? Leave a message to yagizhan49#8883!