Setting Up Welcome / Leave Messages

Hello. Do you want a bot that welcomes your users and also says bye to them?
We have that! Here is a detailed tutorial for you:

First, create a channel for welcome/leave messages.

In order to set welcome/goodbye channel, run the following command:
+setwelcomer channels name
+setwm custom welcome message
+setlm custom leave message

Use {{user}} in custom welcome/leave message to mention new user who had just joined your server.
Use {{memberCount}} in custom welcome/leave message to show total member count of your server.

Now you are ready to go!

Setting Up Reports Function

We released a cool reports function with the v0.8 release
Don't complain if this has bugs, we're going to fix them all!

First, run the following command:
+setreports channel-name

After that, give the bot required permissions to talk at that channel.
You're ready! Now everyone can report users with the reports command!

Example usage:
+report @user being a bad person to other people

Commands List

Arguments inside [ and ] are required.
Arguments inside ( and ) are optional.


Command Description Usage
setanime Enable/Disable anime related commands from your server. +setanime
setswearfilter Toggle swear filter. +setswearfilter [on/off]
afk Set your AFK message. +afk [message]
setautorole Set autorole. +setautorole [role-name]
setwelcomer Set welcomer channel. +setwelcomer [channel-name]
setlogger Set logger channel. +setlogger [channel-name]
setreports Set reports channel. +setreports [channel-name]
setmodlog Set mod-log channel. +setmodlog [channel-name]
setwm Set welcome message. +setwm [Your Text]
setlm Set leave message. +setlm [Your Text]
setprefix Set prefix. +setprefix [new-prefix]
setabout Set about server text. (Will be shown in +serverinfo) +setabout [Your Text]

Music Commands:

Command Description Usage
play Adds a music to queue from YouTube. +play [link or words]
stop Stops the whole music and clears the queue.. +stop
pause Pauses the music until you play it again. +pause
resume Resumes the paused music. +resume
np Shows the information about now playing music. +np
skip Skips the song. +skip
queue Shows the queue. +queue
volume Allows you to set volume. +volume [1 - 5]

Soundboard Commands:

Command Description Usage
sbplay Plays an effect from the sounds list. +sbplay [effect name]
sblist Lists the effects.. +sblist
sbstop Stops the effect.. +sbstop

Fun Commands:

Command Description Usage
8ball Magic 8 ball.. Now in Discord! Ask your question and get your answer. +8ball [question]
catfact Gets a random cat fact and sends it. +catfact
dogfact Gets a random dog fact and sends it. +dogfact
insult Get insulted by the bot +insult
pat Pat someone. +pat [mention]
hug Hug someone. +hug [mention]
tickle Tickle someone. +tickle [mention]
kiss Kiss someone. +kiss [mention]
slap Slap someone. +slap [mention]
poke Poke someone. +poke [mention]
missionpassed Get a mission passed image with someone's profile picture. +missionpassed (mention)
codebabes Get a code babes image with someone's profile picture. +codebabes (mention)
pixelate Pixelate someone's photo. +pixelate (mention)
offset Get the offset version of an image. +offset (mention)
angry Get an angry image with someone's profile picture. +angry (mention)
tweet Tweet something as @discordapp. +tweet [text]
ship Ship yourself with someone +ship [user]
hitler Generate a hitler image +hitler (user)
phcomment Post a comment to PHub +phcomment [text]
lolice Generate a lolice image +lolice (user)
protest Generate a protest image +protest (user)
illuminati Get a illuminati gif version of someone's photo. +illuminati (mention)
captcha Get a captcha photo. +captcha
imploded Get a implode version of someone's photo. +implode (mention)
wasted Get a wasted version of someone's photo. +wasted (mention)
jackolantern Get a jackolantern version of someone's photo. +jackolantern (mention)
rainbow Get a rainbow gif version of someone's photo. +rainbow (mention)
grayscale Get a grayscale version of someone's photo. +grayscale (mention)
discordlogo Get a discordlogo version of someone's photo. +discordlogo (mention)
blur Get a blur version of someone's photo. +blur (mention)
distortion Get a distortion version of someone's photo. +distortion (mention)
glitch Get a glitch version of someone's photo. +glitch (mention)
pride Get a pride version of someone's photo. +pride (mention)
karen Get a Karen version of someone's photo. +karen (mention)
hide Look for someone who's hiding. +hide [mention/id]
changemymind Generate a photo with the provided text. +changemymind [text]
hates Get a hates version of someones photo. +hates (mention)
beautiful Owh.. This.. is.. BEAUTIFUL! +beautiful (mention)
challenger A new challenger has arrived!. +challenger (mention)
triggered Get a triggered gif version of someone's photo. +triggered (mention)
stepped Oh.. I stepped on somebody. +stepped (mention)
steam Get a Steam version of someones photo. +steam (mention)
sniper Get a Sniper version of someones photo. +sniper (mention)
respect Get a Respect version of someones photo. +respect (mention)
religion I'm interested.. +religion (mention)
wanted Get a Wanted version of someones photo. +wanted (mention)
garbage Throw somebody to garbage. +garbage (mention)
facepalm Generate facepalm icon with your profile picture. +facepalm
fidgetspinner Spin a fidget spinner and race with your friends! +fidgetspinner
nitro A fake Discord Nitro message to prank your friends like you have Discord Nitro. +nitro
belikebill Bill is great. Be like Bill. +belikebill
tableflip (╯°□°)╯ ︵ ┻━┻ +tableflip
howgay This magical tool will give you a percentage of possibility that you're a gay. +howgay
flipcoin Heads and Tails! +flipcoin
love This magical tool will give you a percentage of possibility that you love a person. +love [mention]
shoot Shoot at someone! +lenny
future Get information about your future! +lenny

Game Commands:

Command Description Usage
csgo Get information of a CS:GO player with in-game stats. +csgo [SteamID64/Custom URL]
osu Get information of an osu! player with in-game stats. +osu [username]
mc-old-names Get the old names of a Minecraft account. +mc-old-names [account name]
mc-uuid Get the UUID of a Minecraft account. +mc-uuid [account name]
mc-server Get the info of a Minecraft server. +mc-server [server ip]
mc-head Get the head avatar of a Minecraft player. +mc-head [account name]
achievement Generate a Minecraft achievement. +achievement [text]
rps Rock! Paper! Scissors! +rps [choice]

Currency Commands:

Command Description Usage
slots Win or loose the bet. +slots [amount]
work Work to get some money in good ways. +work
points Get the amount of your points. +points
leaderboard Get the server leaderboard. +leaderboard

Moderation Commands:

Command Description Usage
kick Kick someone from the server. +kick [mention] (reason)
voicekick Kick someone from a voice channel. +voicekick [mention]
createchannel Create a channel. +createchannel [name]
ban Ban someone from the server. +ban [mention] (reason)
purge Clean messages from the channel. +purge [2-100]
giverole Give someone a role. +giverole [user name/id/mention] [role name/id/mention]
takerole Take a role from someone. +takerole [user name/id/mention] [role name/id/mention]


Command Description Usage
help Displays help message. +help
test See if Mardatonne can send messages to that channel. +test
speedtest Run a speed test from Mardatonne's server! +speedtest
donate Displays a link to this page. +donate
documentation Displays a link to this page. +documentation
dns Look for an URL's DNS records (like A, CNAME, NS, AAAA). +dns [URL]
qrcreate Create a QR code from a text. +qrcreate [text]
spoiler Add spoiler to every chracter of your message. +spoiler [text]
urban Make a search in Urban Dictionary. +urban [argument]
youtube Make a search in YouTube. +youtube [argument]
shorten Shorten an URL. +shorten [URL]
renderworld Get a world's rendered image in GrowTopia. +renderworld [world name]
promo Get the list of unique promo codes for Mardatonne users! +promo
timeuntil See how many time is left to a specific date. +timeuntil [MM/DD/YYYY]
timesince See how many time is passed since a specific date. +timesince [MM/DD/YYYY]
roleinfo Get information about a role. +role [mention or id]
report Report an user (Server owner needs to run +setreports command). +report [mention]
info Get info and tutorials about the bot. +info
reddit Get stats of a subreddit. +reddit [subreddit]
reddit-random Get a random image from a subreddit. +reddit-random [subreddit]
hastebin Post something to Hastebin and get the link. +hastebin [text]
discrim List people from a discriminator. +discrim (number)
randominfo Generate random info of a person. +randominfo
test-token Allows developers to test their tokens. +test-token [token]
sentiment Check if a sentence is positive or negative. +sentiment [sentence]
randomuser Choose a random user from the server. +randomuser
advice Get a random advice. +advice
quote Sends a random quote. +quote
trump Sends a random Trump quote. +trump
country Get information about a country. +country [name]
numberfact Get a random fact about a number. +numberfact [nmuber]
emoji Emojify your text. +emoji [text]
membercount Member count of the server. +membercount
adorable Get an adorable avatar for the identifier. +adorable [name]
8bit Get an 8-bit avatar for the identifier. +8bit [name]
kickable Check if the bot can kick someone. +kickable [mention]
bannable Check if the bot can ban someone. +bannable [mention]
dynoavatar Get your avatar in Dyno style. +dynoavatar
dbl Get a bot/user's info from +dbl Get a bot/user's info from
bls Get a bot/user's info from +bls
say Make the bot say something. +say [text]
poll Make a poll. +poll [question]
aww Random aww photos. +aww
dog Random dog photos. +dog
neko Random neko photos. +neko
cat Random cat photos. +cat
lion Random lion photos. +lion
tiger Random tiger photos. +tiger
panda Random panda photos. +panda
bird Random bird photos. +bird
lizard Random lizard photos. +lizard
penguin Random penguin photos. +penguin
fox Random fox photos. +fox
scottishfold Random Scottish Fold photos. +scottishfold
pug Random pug photos. +pug
baby Random baby photos. +baby
avatar Get your avatar. +avatar
cutegirl Get a cute anime girl. +cutegirl
password Generate a password with a specified length. +password [length]
guildicon Did you like the server's icon? Download it!. +guildicon
randomanime Random Anime photos/gifs. +randomanime
gif Make a search on GIPHY. +gif [text]
invite Get an invitation to the bot. +inviite
numbers Randomize between numbers. +numbers [min] [max]
rate Get a rating for something. +rate [argument]
timer A stopwatch that will remind you. +timer [time(s/m/h)]
userinfo Get info of an user. +userinfo [mention / user id]
serverinfo Get info of the server. +serverinfo
announce Make an announcement. +announce [text]
uptime Get uptime of the bot. +uptime
setname Set name of the server. +setname [text]
listemoji List the custom emojis on the server. +listemoji
support Get a link to our support server. +support
badge Get badge of an user. +badge [mention]
reverse Reverse a text. +reverse [text]
encode Encode text to BASE64. +encode [text]
decode Decode text from BASE64. +decode [base64]

Reporting Bugs

Did you find a bug and want to report that to us? Thank you! We accept any suggestions/requests/bug reports on our Discord Server. So come and say hello to us!